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Wear-Resistant Coatings

We produce top-quality CVD-CVA-PVD-PACVD-DLC wear-resistant surface treatments; our coatings are extremely THIN and HARD, they reduce friction and wear, thereby ENHANCING the performance of the tools and components.
The latest studies allow us to provide customers with surface treatments with hardness equal to 6500 HV (about 175 HRC); Diamond-Like-Carbon technology (Pure Carbon) guarantees EXCEPTIONAL PERFORMANCE in terms of tool life and cutting speed- tool life is extended up to 6 times compared to traditional coating processes.
WE DEVELOP applications and coatings to achieve the best machining performance.

Areas of application: Automotive, electro-welding, energy, railway, mechanical, medical, nautics, hydraulics, and research.

Do you have any questions?

IG Utensili is able to offer a wide range of standard and special tools. With the aim of constantly improving collaborations and offering our present and future customers a high-quality service, we have decided to make all our catalogues available and you can request a price list by simply sending an email to commerciale@igutensili.it

The company only uses quality materials and coatings, which also stand up to prolonged and intensive use of the tool. Thanks to the special shapes and cutting geometries studied in every detail, IG Utensili’s special tools and Standard tools can satisfy every requirement. 

Yes, IG Utensili is able to offer the re-sharpening, restoration and creation of special tools not only in the provinces of Reggio, Modena, Mantua and Parma where it is covered by agents, but also throughout northern Italy, please contact us for further information.

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