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CNC machining centres

For over 45 years, IGUTENSILI has collaborate with national and foreign companies producing CNC machining centres operating in sectors such as aeronautics, aerospace, hydraulic, automotive sport cars, commercial automotive, pneumatic constructions, and high precision mechanics, etc. IGUTENSILI is able to offer high quality tools for the machining of die-cast, forged pieces or castings of any type of material such as stainless steels, cast irons, non-ferrous metals, copper and magnesium alloys, superalloys and hardened materials.

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CNC lathes

Special tools for double-spindle, frontal and vertical multitasking lathes, suitable for external and internal forming machining. We produce shaped lathe tools in hard metal and brazed HSS, with interchangeable inserts with mechanical coupling, flat prismatic or dovetail, screeds and rollers, circular tools, broaches, mechanical coupling or brazed polygon hubs and standard and special thread mills. For internal machining, we can offer HSS, brazed or hard metal tools, special boring bars, special shaped helix bits, gun and spear bits, special shaped spreaders, reamers, core drills and special broaches.

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For this type of transfer machines we design and build shaped bars for external sections, section inserts, shaped spear bits in hard metal, HSS or brazed, special helic bits with or without lubrication, shaped gun bits, custom-designed spreaders, reamers of any kind, special brazed or hard metal or HSS recesses and special tools with mechanical coupling.

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