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Technical data


Technical data

IGUTENSILI is a leading company in the design and production of high quality tools for thread milling both on machining centres and turning centres.
Our production includes thread mills for circular milling, inserts and turning bodies, inserts and bodies for comb-like thread mills.
Since IGUTENSILI is an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer it is able to provide any type of THREAD MILL with both standard and special pitch, we posses all the globally recognised standards.
Below are some examples of possible threads:
M DIN13, MJ DIN ISO 5855, MF DIN 13, UNC ASME B1.1, UNJC ASME B1.15, UNF ASME B1.1, UNJF ASME B1.15, UNEF ASME B1.1, UN-8 ASME B1.1, UNS ASME B1.1, G DIN EN ISO 228, Rp (BSPP) DIN EN 10226-1 and ISO 7-1, NPSM ANSI B1.20.1, NPSFR ANSI B1.20.3, NPT ANSI/ASME B1.20.1, NPTF ANSI B1.20.3, R (BSPT) DIN EN 10226-1 and ISO 7-1, Rc (BSPT) DIN EN 10226-1 und ISO 7-1, W keg DIN 477, DIN EN 144-1, DIN EN 629-1 and DIN EN ISO 11116-1, W zyl DIN 477, BSW BS 84, BSF BS 84, Pg DIN 40430, MF DIN EN 60423, EG M DIN 8140-2, EG UNC ASME B18.29.1, EG UNF ASME B18.29.1, LK-M, Tr DIN 103, Tr-F DIN 103, Rd DIN 405.


FEZ 010 – HW helical mills Z1

FIGUNC – UN 60° cylindrical mills

FIGGAW – 55° Whitworth cylindrical mills

FIGMET – 60° ISO metric cylindrical mills

FIGUNC – High performance cylindrical mills

FIGGAW – High performance cylindrical mills

FIGMET – High performance cylindrical mills

FIGMET – Cylindrical mills for hardened steel

FIGMETMIC TX – Left Cylindrical mills for hardened steel

FIGUFF – Drill-chamfer-thread

FIGPRE – Tapered thread preparation

FIGNPT – NPTF 60° tapered thread mills

FIGAWC – BSPT 55° tapered thread mills

FIGUNMIC – UN60° micro threading mills

FIGMETMIC – 60° ISO metric micro thread mills

FIGUNJ – MJ UN60° cylindrical mills

FIGUNJ – MJ UNJ 60° micro mills

FIGMJMIC – MJ60° micro mills for hardened steel

FIGMETMIC EXT – Micro mills for outside

FIGMJMIC EXT – Cylindrical mills for outside

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