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Technical data


Technical data

IGUTENSILI’s PCD tools are the result of 45 years of experience in precision production using polycrystalline diamond. The tools are studied from the initial development of the project up to the manufacture and installation. The technical knowledge gained over many years of experience allow us to offer our customers that little bit extra that can really make the difference, solve a technical problem or significantly improve the production process. All this is accompanied by an expert maintenance service, with careful and accurate customer support for the repair and sharpening of precision tools in PCD.

PCD, or PKD, guarantees a tool life far superior to any other material, as well as improving performance, thanks to an increase in processing speed and a consistent quality in terms of tolerance and degree of finish. PCD is a synthetic super-abrasive material obtained by sintering Diamond/Cubic Form Boron Nitride particles on a metal matrix. The main characteristic of this technologically advanced material is its exceptional wear resistance compared to those used in the production of tungsten carbide or high-speed steel tools. The service life can be 30-40 times longer than traditional tools. This unique feature drastically reduces, in addition to production times, machine downtime for tool changes.

The tools are designed and produced to meet the needs of the customer with different shanks (cylindrical shank, taper, SK, BT or HSK) and tool bodies may or may not have internal lubrication and be made of hard metal, high-speed steel (HSS) or anti-vibration materials.
Polycrystalline diamond makes it possible to effectively machine innovative materials such as high silicon content aluminium alloys, composite materials or other highly abrasive materials that would significantly affect the life of any other tool.

In addition to the more complex PCD tools, IGUTENSILI also supplies PKD/PCD and CBN inserts: positive and negative inserts for turning, inserts for grooving, inserts for milling. Polycrystalline diamond inserts are proposed according to the application requested by the customer and can be supplied according to ISO standards or even to non-standard specifications requested by the customer.

The latest technology in the field of machining with PCD tooling is tapping and milling for PCD threading that guarantee all the advantages of polycrystalline diamond even in thread and tapping processes and PCD reamers from Ø3.0 mm with 4 to 10 cutting edges for machining even very small diameters.
We are able to design and produce PCD tools such as Spreaders, Drill bits, Mill cutters, Reamers, Bevels and Inserts.

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