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Technical data


Technical data

HMIG Threading tools.

The range of hard metal tapped cutters that IGUTENSILI designs and manufactures includes the following types of articles, straight cut taps for blind holes and through holes, helical taps for blind holes, straight cut taps for blind holes and through holes for machining very hard steels up to 62 HRC, forming taps for blind and through holes.
The advantage of using hard metal taps, compared to those in steel, consists of a significant increase in durability and productivity on certain types of materials and the possibility of machining hard and/or hardened steels.
In particular, in the machining of abrasive materials, such as grey cast iron or aluminium-silicon alloys (Si > 10%), tool life can reach 8-10 times that of a tap in HSS.
The internal passage of lubricant present in the IGUTENSILI taps allows better evacuation of the chip and to thread deep blind and through holes, up to 3XD. The advantages deriving from the use of these taps are the increase in tool life and a reduction in cycle time.
The taps for very hard steels are the only solution for working hardened steels up to 62 HRC.

Below are some examples of possible threads: M DIN13, MJ DIN ISO 5855, MF DIN 13, UNC ASME B1.1, UNJC ASME B1.15, UNF ASME B1.1, UNJF ASME B1.15, UNEF ASME B1.1, UN-8 ASME B1.1, UNS ASME B1.1, G DIN EN ISO 228, Rp (BSPP) DIN EN 10226-1 and ISO 7-1, NPSM ANSI B1.20.1, NPSFR ANSI B1.20.3, NPT ANSI/ASME B1.20.1, NPTF ANSI B1.20.3, R (BSPT) DIN EN 10226-1 and ISO 7-1, Rc (BSPT) DIN EN 10226-1 und ISO 7-1, W keg DIN 477, DIN EN 144-1, DIN EN 629-1 and DIN EN ISO 11116-1, W zyl DIN 477, BSW BS 84, BSF BS 84, Pg DIN 40430, MF DIN EN 60423, EG M DIN 8140-2, EG UNC ASME B18.29.1, EG UNF ASME B18.29.1, LK-M, Tr DIN 103, Tr-F DIN 103, Rd DIN 405


HMIG110 NF – Holed coarse pitch
HMIG110 F – Coated holed coarse pitch
HMIG120 NF – Uncoated holed coarse pitch
HMIG120 T – Coated full coarse pitch

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