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Certificated Company

IGUTENSILI every day renews the company mission

IGUTENSILI is convinced that customer satisfaction is key to success and the only way to consolidate and grow what has been built so far.
IGUTENSILI constantly aims to improve the quality of its products and services; to ensure this objective is met (which will always be pursued with the utmost commitment) the company has obtained quality certification according to UNI EN ISO 9001 standards.

IGUTENSILI has certified the company management and organisation systems with ISO 9001 standard

A company management system consists of a set of standard rules and procedures adopted with the aim of increasing the overall performance of a company. Certifying a management system allows one to improve the efficiency of the entire production chain, thereby increasing the quality of services, safety and credibility. A certified system is a guarantee of the quality of the products offered.

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Certificated Company