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REGRINDING, instead of buying a new tool

Your precision tool will be returned with the original regrinding, coating and geometry, with almost 100% of tool-life compared to a new one.

  • Original regrinding
    IGUTENSILI is able to perform regrinding and regeneration operations respecting the original geometries of the tool, according to the original specifications of the manufacturer.
  • Original coating
    Regrinded tools achieve nearly 100% of the tool-life and performances of a new one.
  • Nice price!
    Transparency and convenience, IGUTENSILI will provide a price list with dedicated discounts.

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You can request the REGRINDING BOX FOR FREE by writing to ordini@igutensili.com or by calling 052 269 352 3-201

Delivery deadline
Standard delivery will take 15 working days.

Guaranteed traceability
During regrinding, all tools will be marked, guarantee of total traceability of t
he product during all stages of processing.

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If you need information regarding prices and quotes: preventivi@igutensili.it
If you need technical information: ufficiotecnico@igutensili.it

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REGRINDING, instead of buying a new tool